Frankie and the No-Go Road, a New Album by Rita Hosking!

I have a new record in the works!  I've been making a new one every other year since 2005, and I'd like to keep to the schedule.  Five years ago, I asked for your help to finance one of them, and I'm asking for your support again for this one.  I hope you'll consider pre-ordering a copy of "Frankie and the No-Go Road", and/or assigning me to some additional creative tasks to help usher this project along.  Please see the list on this page for some shopping options.

So far I've saved and then spent approximately $6,000 on recording, musician fees and a couple flights. The project is well underway.  (I hope you heard samples in the video.)

$10,000, I believe, will cover the remainder:  the REST OF RECORDING + MIXING (5,000), the MASTERING (1,000), the DESIGN (1,000), and the MANUFACTURING of 2,000 CDs with 8 page lyric booklets (3,000.)  Most of these bills will be due around March 13, 2015.  That's my main goal--$10,000 by March 13.

If even more funds were available, I'd use them for basic radio promotion, publicity or make a great music video to help release the album.

I hope for the official CD release to be late this summer, 2015.

I'm not using Kickstarter or any other 2nd or 3rd party platform except for Paypal (which keeps about 3%).  I know who will be participating--you all, and I don't need to use Kickstarter, Indiegogo, or Pledgemusic to find you, withhold funds, or take a cut.  I trust that you consider me accountable--I will only use this money to finish and promote this release. You can make an order here on my website using your credit card or a Paypal account, or you can email me for an address to send a check, or you can order directly from me at a show. 

I'll be updating the total amount raised daily, at the top right of this page.

You all are the reason I'm able to record this music and share it--I couldn't do it without you. Thank you!!

More About the Album

Frankie and the No-Go Road is a collection of twelve songs based on twelve steps of the hero's journey, as explained by Joseph Campbell in his book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces.  

I remember well a day in college when a favorite professor, Dr. Whalen Lai, was giving a lesson in the psychology of dreams.  He drew my dream on the board, and was explaining my journey to our small class.  He called the main character, me, the "hero."  I interrupted and said, "What? I'm doing nothing heroic!?"  He turned around and looked me in the eye and said, "Rita, you are your own hero--you are living a hero's journey, this is true of everyone."   

The hero in this new album is named Frankie, and Frankie is up against a great challenge--Wetiko.

Wetiko, also known as Windigo (you hear mention of that in my 2009 release, Come Sunrise,) is a greedy, cannibalistic monster, or a type of sickness where one is consumed by Wetiko traits.  Dr. Jack D. Forbes, former chair of the Native American Studies Dept. at U.C. Davis and someone I considered a mentor, wrote about it in his book called Columbus and Other Cannibals.

It's my sixth album and first "concept album", where the songs follow a theme.  It's also a first in that I'm doing the artwork for the record. I like to draw in a style influenced by the famous Ojibwe painter, Norval Morrisseau.  Because I got the ideas for the concept album while drawing, I thought it was fit that I use those drawings in the package.

Like my last three records, this one is being made with producer, engineer, and musician Rich Brotherton at Ace Recording in Austin, Texas.  I'm very grateful for the experience, skill, and creative collaboration that Rich offers, and am thrilled to be making another record at Ace.

This album is dedicated to my amazing, wonderful mother, Judi Hosking.  I have no "link" for her except myself.  And since she made me, that should be enough! Thank you, Mom!

Total Raised as of Mar 13: $10,170

Campaign goes from Feb. 03--March 13, when many bills are due!
To avoid Paypal, please email me for a mailing address.  Thank you!
Otter ~ Songbook PDF and CDs
  • Otter ~ Songbook PDF and CDs
In cart Not available Out of stock

A PDF file of the Rita Hosking Songbook. The Songbook (pub 2013) has lyrics and chords to all the original songs from my last 5 albums (49 songs.) Plus, you'll get a prior CD of your choice, the new CD, an art card, and digital download.

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Coyote ~ Poem with Drawing
  • Coyote ~ Poem with Drawing
In cart Not available Out of stock

Here's how Coyote works: You give me a title for a poem. I'll write it (around 10-12 lines) and create an accompanying illustration, like the ones you see on this page. Both delivered to your home. Fun! Makes a great gift. Plus, you'll get the new CD, art card, and digital download.

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Tree ~ Song Studies or High Quality Art Prints
  • Tree ~ Song Studies or High Quality Art Prints
In cart Not available Out of stock

Two choices here:
Song Studies--3 hours of songwriting coaching (discussing your song/s) in person if local, or via Skype for out of town. Can be split into two sessions. OR
High Quality Art Prints--two different, matted, high quality prints of CD package art work, without text. Signed and numbered.
Both options come with the new CD, art card, and digital download.

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Bear ~ We Cover Your Favorite Song
  • Bear ~ We Cover Your Favorite Song
In cart Not available Out of stock

"I really wanna hear Rita sing ______." You fill in the blank with any existing song title, and Sean Feder and I will learn it and perform it in a homemade, creative YouTube video with good quality sound, dedicated to you. (Disclaimer--decent songs only.)
You'll also receive the new CD, art card, and digital download.

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Boat ~ Duo House Concert or Custom Song
  • Boat ~ Duo House Concert or Custom Song
In cart Not available Out of stock

Choose one:
Duo House Concert--you create the set lists yourself! Any songs from any of my records, plus any covers I perform. If you live outside Nor Cal, we'll need to make it work with other tour plans...let's talk.
A Custom Song--We'll spend some time talking about your song topic, I'll write it, record it at home for you, and hopefully play it at a show you can attend.
If you'd like an absolute guarantee that it will be on my next record release, please double the price, and 1,000 will be saved for the next CD recording.
Both of these options include a copy of the new CD, art card, and digital download.

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Star ~ The Easy Option
  • Star ~ The Easy Option
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Simply donate any amount you like (one dollar or more) by adjusting the quantity in your shopping cart. For example, if you'd like to send me 8 dollars, simply change the quantity to 8, and click "Update." The new total should read $8.00.
No need to deal with my creative weirdness, and freedom to choose the correct amount for you. If it is $25 or more, you are bound to find a new CD in your mail later on--I can't control myself. Thank you!

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For any questions, or discussion of choices in options above, shoot me an email at .  Thank you!